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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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couldn't wait. >> you have such a big heart. >> you know, i think that is an excellent note to end this show on. i like that. thank you very much. it's good being with you. and we begin this hour with an update from the campaign trail as donald trump heads to the hawkeye state. hello and welcome to" america's election headquarters in new york." trufr pl trump planning to speak to iowa this afternoon. and reacting to her accusations that trump has built a campaign on, quote, paranoia. with just 72 days to election day the attacks between both campaigns intensifying. making it clear that the fiery rhetoric we've been hearing out on the stump will not be endsing any time soon.
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meanwhile, hillary clinton getting her first national security briefing as a presidential candidate. trump received a briefing earlier this month. we have fox news team coverage of both candidates today. molly is standing by live in washington with the latest on that intel briefing for mrs. clinton. first, let's go to peter doocy standing by in des moines where team trump is on the road. peter? >> about an hour right now from trump, uma, but in the last 24 hours we have seen him reaching out to hispanic voters and african-american voters. but taking a different approach, trying to court each group. yesterday in nevada where he's coming to the hawkeye state from, we watched yesterday as mr. trump sat down with hispanic leaders and small business owners for a round-table at the trump hotel on the vegas strip and trump said that he doesn't think he has as far to go with hispanic voters as some pundits would suggest.
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>> we've been doing very, very well with the latinos. we reason doing amazing. far, far greater, far greater than anyone understands. >> reporter: we also got a little bit more about trump's immigration policy when we tweeted a few hours ago, that, quote, heroin overdoses are taking over our children and others in the midwest. coming in from our southern border. we need strong border and wall. now, as to that new trump play for african-american support it comes just after the tragic murder of chicago bulls star dwyane wade's sister who got caught in the cross fire and killed yesterday in illinois. so the republican nominee who has been arguing the democratic lawmakers are more concerned with votes from inner cities than they are about safety in the inner city. wrote this morning that, quote, dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago.
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just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump. so may expect to hear more about that today just because of the all the because it's been generating. look behind us here at the pioneer pavilion in des moines. the gathered crowd are some of those here. the rest are on the ride part of the roast and ride. it's a 400 motorcycle, 42-mile trek led by the u.s. senator joni ernst. she's not of tnl prominent republican here today. senator chuck grassley will be here as well and governor terry bran stat for trump's first event that we can think of during the general election in a building with a dirt floor. uma? >> lots going on there, all right. thank you very much. donald trump values are val. they're not our values. and we've got to do all we can to fight and push back to win to
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say that we're still about heading toward that north star that we set out so long ago. >> that's senator tim kaine taking on donald trump during a speech at florida a&m university. the vice presidential nominee attacking mr. trump's comments and immigration and race calling them, prejudicial and pig gotted. scott brown, former republican from massachusetts and fox news contributor. thank you, senator. >> great to be on. >> out on the stump in one-two punch this week, not only is hillary clinton throwing in the race card, her running mate is, too. tying trump to ku klux klan values, echoing mrs. clinton's accusations that mr. trump is taking mean groups mainstream. though he has disavowed any endorsement some say this is a move to deflect away from her own high profile problems with concern over her foundation own donors in the pay to play charges, to those e-mails. do you agree with that? >> well, of course i do.
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it's the clinton way that they do things. that intersection of money and politics that has been so prevalent in their political life, whenever there is a conflict they always say in anger and then they blame and then they try to shift anded a just and adapt. it's very typical. i know donald trump. there are many people who know donald trump. and the things that they're saying are typical democratic playbook 101, divide andconstit this country to gain advantage. i think it's going to backfire. >> clinton says trump aligns himself to hate groups. doesn't she open up her criticism or for support of some hostile members of the black lives matter movement who make no secret of their hatred for cops and violence against law enforcement? >> of course. you saw what happened with those -- that rhetoric, anti-police rhetoric. i have my blue lives matter pin on show that support and will
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continue to show that support. the fact that you had a murderer, the father of a murderer standing behind her at one of her rallies. and she doesn't know how he got there. they know everybody who is there. just another drip, drip, drip effort of lives being put forth by the clinton team. it's unfortunately very typical. but donald trump needs to focus on a couple things, as he's doing in the black and latino communities. it's jobs, it's job creation, it's school choice, and it's safety and security of the people living in those inner cities. tim kaine represents that establishment. he's part of the problem. he's the person in one of the people that is perpetuating that cycle of always having the inability to have school choice and have those great paying jobs in the city. so that's the choice that american people will have, especially in the inner cities. >> well, you know, the clinton attacks follow donald trump calling her, quote, a bigot and seizing an opportunity to say that she isn't doing anything to help minority communities. in the big picture for both
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candidates to go down this road of name calling, is that really why at a time when voters are trying to decide who can best lead this country, even trump adviser dr. ben carson is saying using the word bigot isn't productive and he wants both sides to knock off the racist accusations. do you agree with that? >> yes, i respect dr. carson obviously. you saw the governor of ohio, john kasich, obviously ran a very positive campaign. look what happened to them. they both got crushed. people actually say they don't like to have the kind of negativity but in reality, sometimes that negativity forces the other people to actually talk about very important and sensitive issues that are in everybody's daily life. you know, you say something. they have to react because if you don't, then you're guilty by not reacting. so there is some benefit to the negative advertisements and negative statements. i'm hopeful though that they will focus on the things that matter. deficit taxes, spending jobs, national security, energy, immigration. those are the things that i and others want to hear about. >> i hear you. there are a lot of folks who don't like the negativity so far
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in this campaign and fear it's going to get worse. i also want to get to the concerns over trump's immigration stand with some con servives this week uneasy about whether he is softening his stand on what to do with the 11 million undocumented people who have not been accuse of criminal activity but have been living here for years. and then two days later saying there would be no amnesty. let's listen in to just a moment to what he said. >> sure. >> take a person that's been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and the family out, it's so tough. i mean, i have it all the time. it's a very, very hard thing. >> it will be no amnesty. there's no legalization. we're going to build a wall, it's going to be a tremendous, powerful wall. we have to remember that we have a country that's based on laws and the people are here illegally. so we will see what we will see. but we're going to start off by securing the border, by getting rid of a horrible, criminal element that's causing tremendous havoc, drug dealers, gang member, et cetera. and i think people will be
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extremely happy. >> so are you concerned about the lack of clarity at this point? i know he's prom missing to offer up some specifics on immigration policy in a couple of weeks but will voters here different messages in the same week from mr. trump, doesn't this confuse the issue at a time when he needs to solidify support from independents and the gop base? >> there's no one, uma, that thinks that hillary clinton will be strong on the border security. she's not going the do the wall. she doesn't care. she's already calling them immigrants. they're not, they're illegals. they're here illegally. they have broken the wall. what i heard there is donald trump is thoughtful and compassion nate when it's coming to obviously those people in those unfortunate circumstances. he is a person. he has a good heart. i know that for a fact. but what he's also saying, which is so critically important, is that whatever policy comes out, whether it's proposed by congress and ted cruz and others should help him, is these people can't get any benefit s during
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that tim period whether they have the ability to work or stay here under some mechanism. they're not going to get the health care. they're not going to get the housing or food stachs. we've got to secure the border, do the wall. get the criminal elements out of here. >> real specifics in time p terms of what he plans to do? >> absolutely. >> in terms of going forward? >> i already know what he's going to do. he's said it many, many, many times. he's not going to lose that base of voters. they understand the difference between hillary clinton and donald trump on that issue is like night and day. it's not even close. >> all right. senator, good to see you. thank you for joining us today. >> good to see you, uma. >> appreciate it. >> sure. thank you. hillary clinton receives her first national security briefing as the democratic nominee for president. mrs. clinton arriving this morning for the briefing at an fbi facility in white plains. not far from her new york home. this as pay to play allegations linger over her family's charity and her time as the leader of the state department.
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molly is joining us live from d.c. bureau with more. molly, is the state department slowing down the release of more of those hillary clinton records? >> hi, uma. we're talking about her daily schedules. from when she was secretary of state, detailing to whom she spoke by phone and with whom she met in person. seven months ago a judge ordered the state department to start reliesing those skid actuals. about half of them have been made public. now the state department says it will take until the end of december to release the remaining 2700 pages. the associated press has been investigating the relationship between the clinton foundation and clinton as secretary of state. and found that, quote, more than half the people outside the government who met or spoke by telephone with clinton while she was secretary of state had given money either personally or through companies or groups to the clinton foundation. clinton dismissed the report and said, earlier this week, quote, there's a lot of smoke and there's no fire. this a.p. report, put it in
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context, this excludes nearly 2,000 meetings i had with world leaders, was countless other meetings of u.s. government officials when i was secretary of state. it looked at a small portion of my time. the a.p. said it excluded federal officials and foreign leaders because those would have been a normal part of her job. uma? >> so what's in the reaction from the trump campaign to all this news so far? >> the trump campaign says voters deserve to know the truth before election day. a spokesperson said, quote, once again, the rigged system is rushing to protect hillary clinton. instead of counting hoern friends in the obama administration to shield her from accountability, hillary clinton should immediately demand that these public records be released before voting begins. late last night the a.p. says it asked state to move faster on this and provide all of clinton's schedules by october 15th. uma? >> molly, thank you very much. let's bring in fox news military analyst lieutenant
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colonel oliver north for more what happenses in these briefings and the impact it has on the presidential candidates that are privy to sensitive information about threats to the u.s. and other security issues. colonel north is also the author of "counterfeit lies and the host of war stories." welcome, sir. it's good to have you on the program again. >> good to be back with you, uma. this is the oli and molly secment of the show. >> it was mrs. clinton's turn today. she was used to handling security briefings in her time as secretary of state but it was interesting to note that following donald trump's first briefing this month attorney general michael flynn said the become/clinton policy are this stark contrast to the current intel. that's what's the impact of having these briefings for the candidates right now? >> well, first of all, i don't think they're going to let her take any of the paper home from that fbi trip up there given the record she's got. i wonder if the briefers are going to have the guts to tell her about the mess that she left behind. you think about it.
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iran supreme leader the ayatollah amani and. is playing our president like a harp and this all started on her watch at the state department. if you if you consider that this week we had four revolutionary guard naval incidents in the persian gulf and there's going to be more of those to come. you've got russia threatening ukraine and supplying s. 300 missiles to protect iranian nuclear sites. and i note that neither of these candidates brought their vice presidential nominees to these briefings, which makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. >> you think that makes a big difference to have everybody onboard on this same page when it comes to these type of briefings? >> well, yeah. look it. this is of course the person that each of them would have to turn over the reins to if they became disabled or god forbid got assassinated. you would think you would have to have them up on the step as to what's really going on even before the election. >> >> what about critics
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concerned a this classified information is being given to people who are on the campaign trail, may not be responsible to how they use this information and possibly compromise sensitive situation it is they go public with what they know? >> well, look, i'll give you an example of where that worked. and the briefings that ronald reagan was given in 1980 before the election, he determined then based on what he saw in those briefings that he was going to build a missile defense system for the united states of america. it began after those briefings showed him the magnitude of the nuclear threat to the united states of america. which, by the way, that system was developed, it was called "star wars" or the ballistic missile defense system was the proper name for it. today, not one city in america is protected from a single nuclear weapon, much less a volley of them. and you've now got right -- this is happening. this is happening. the north koreans, you mentioned
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the book, the counterfeit lies, describes how the north koreans are working with the iranians to build nuclear weapons in the means of delivering them. we still don't have something that we can use to protect the heartland of america. ronald reagan used those briefings in helping to shape his policy right from the get-go, which of course was -- came to fruition when he said to gorbachev, i'm not going to stop building it. >> indeed. it had a tremendous impact. i want to talk about the news today the u.s. and russia have fallen short on a deal to restore truth, to get a truce in syria. john kerry says there's more clarity now but says there's still lots of work to do. let's listen in to what he had to say. >> today i can say that we achieved clarity on the path forward. we have completed the vast majority of those technical
11:17 am
discussions which were primarily focused on making this cessation real and improving the level of humanitarian assistance and, thereby, getting the parties to the table so we can have a serious negotiation about how to end this war. >> colonel, isn't it complicated though. >> stunning. >> -- because the russian government attacks the opposition forces there and isn't that part of the problem in terms of trying to get a truce on the table? >> oh, look, entire disaster. look it. the legacy of this administration, uma, is the genocide in syria. nearly half million dead. millions more turned to refugees. these two characters can't bring about a cease-fire? give me a break. you know what that means? they just didn't try hard enough. they don't give a damn. too busy working on a nobel
11:18 am
prize type of settlement when all they got to do is stop the gunfire long enough for medical supply, food, water, to get into that area. the fact they with have to sit down and talk to the russians about anything in the middle east is evidence of the object failure of the obama administration's foreign policy which began, i point out again, in the hands of mrs. clinton. >> it's been five years now and those people, the civilians on the ground there are suffering incredibly. and it's been something that we have all been witness to and i don't see -- and you don't see obviously, an end to this any time soon. >> no. it's horrific. it's all the consequence of this administration's abysmal failure in its foreign policy. >> colonel north, good to see you. >> glad to be with you. don't miss "war storiestori with oliver knot tomorrow night. must see tv for sure. well, the race card now in full play on the campaign trail. >> this was the state newspaper.
11:19 am
>> clinton camp hits obama, attacks painful for black voters. many in state offended by criticism of obama and remarks about martin luther king. >> i have a great relationship with the blacks. i've always had a great relationships with the blacks. >> what the hell do you have to lose? >> that's just a sampling of the ads hitting airwaves right now. how hillary clinton and donald trump are duking it out with each other over the issue of race. and new information about confrontations between iranian and american ships in the persian gulf. the pattern shows just how often it's happening right now.
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welcome back. hillary clinton and donald trump trading barbs in awe attack ads bringing up the controversial issues of race. mrs. clinton releasing an ad this week tying trump to hate groups. trump firing back with his own ad featuring the controversial super predator remark she made back in the '90s. joining now with some insights about the direction of this campaign and where it's headed we have john who is a columnist for the "national review" magazine. >> headed down. >> headed down. >> in tone and substance. >> here we are in the middle of,
11:24 am
you know, towards the end of august, right before labor day. the campaigns have now taken this pivot to go after each other in a very district way that really is quite divisive, quite negative, and very insulting to those five. how do you think voters respond to this? >> we know how voters respond. every fouriaers about 40% of eligible adults don't vote for president. one of the reasons is trivia like this. look, yelling racism in a crowded political theater is a dangerous thing to do. you have to have the goods. and both of these candidates in these ads are frankly taking things completely out of context and blowing them up out of proportion. so i think it's a disservice to the voters and frankly even by the standards of this campaign it's a new low. >> so when you take a look at what some of the republicans are saying right now, they believe that the clinton camp is making this turn in a way to deflect the attention off of her controversy and the donors, the donor problem. >> sure. >> the e-mail, et cetera.
11:25 am
it's been a tough week for her particularly. >> but there's pot reason. she wants to boost voter turnout against my moinorities. she's not barack obama. she doesn't have the enthusiasm he had in minority communities. she's trying to turn this into a referendum, do you want me even though i'm an elderly white person or do you want the racist? and i think the campaign needs to be fought on other issues. she's got plenty of ammunition against trump. he's got plenty of ammunition against her. i think hillary should be careful as well. 25 years ago bill clinton signed a law in arkansas affirming the fact the arkansas state flag was celebrating the confederacy, honoring the confederacy. >> that's right. >> he also a few years ago said in disanything barack obama, he said a few years ago you kourp serving us coffee. >> he did make that remark.
11:26 am
>> hillary clinton has had lots of supporters waving the confederate flag in 2008 in her rallies. ronald reagan said it best. lots of people in a big country may support me, doesn't mean i support them. >> you know, we're talking about also the fact that trump seems to be closing the gap in some states but it's the states where they, you know, the most. important races is where states he still has a distance to go but he is trying to meet with different leaders from hispanic and african-american communities. what impact is that having on his image, do you think to those sitting on the fence to say, you know, whether or not they believe he has their interest at heart? >> i don't think this is about trying to reach minor by voters. i think trump is going to have the typical low numbers the republican has in a presidential race. this is an appeal to white suburban, especially women voters who don't want to vote for someone who is perceived as mean or nasty or, you know, alienated from a diverse
11:27 am
population. i think this is a comfort level question. and i think it's part of a smart strategy that his campaign manager kellyanne conway is pursuing. it may allow moderate republicans to say, well, he's really being attacked unfairly, trying to reach out and talk to all americans. >> do you see him as more disciplined and more focused in his last -- last week? >> how could he not be? >> i'm asking you. >> two weeks ago -- >> do people feel like they're going the see more of this going forward? >> three weeks ago the campaign was a train wreck. it has stabilized now. i think the new management has helped. trump is now reading from speeches which means he makes fewer mistakes and fews times he goes completely over the top. clearly it's calmed a lot of people down because they see a candidate who at least for now can run a normal campaign and try to appeal to voefters rathe than make his gaffe of the the day a news item. >> if he can stick to the playing up the concerns over the clinton foundation and e-mails,
11:28 am
do you think that is winning for him and does that put her on -- kosht to put her on the defensive going forward since we have 11 mainstream media outlets already calling for the closing of the foundation. the democrats seem to be concerned that this could be a real issue for her going forward. >> in 1996 bill clinton at a campaign finance scanned that reduced his turnout among base voters. he still won but won by much less than people predicted. scandal doesn't win you elections it bleeds people away from your opponent. some hillary clinton supporters may vote for johnson the libertarian. jobs and the economy is what people care about, the fact that their wages on the average have not gone up in is15 years. i think he does have to talk about scandal but also real issues that involve people in their daily lives. >> always good to see you, john. thank you for joining us with your insights. really important time that we're living through and i know that we're going to be checking back with you often.
11:29 am
>> thanks. >> appreciate it. well, turning now to a story that continues to raise big concerns. the number of people dying continues to rise after that powerful earthquake hit central italy. how that nation is remembering the lives lost in this devastating natural disaster. plus, the state department delaying the release of former secretary clinton's meeting schedule until after the general election. critics like former cia director james woolsey saying the american voters will pay the price. but first, former national security staffer with thoughts on this. >> it's unfortunate for the american voter. you want to have candidates running for president that are transparent and you know what your getting when you sign up. here you're going to kind of have to buy and question the purchase later, if you're voting for secretary clinton.
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italy is observing a day of national mourning. the death toll is rising to 291. dozens of the victims being remembered today in a funeral mass. kitty has more on this observance coming to you from london with the latest. >> italy is beginning to bury its dead but sadly this is only the start of many more funerals to come because as you say that death toll continues to ride. 35 of those killed in wednesday's earthquake were laid to rest today in a state-held service. two of those were just young children. italy's prime minister renzi was at that ceremony. a bishop appealed to the devastated community not to lose kou courage. hundreds of grieving people joined those families mourning and firefighters who tried so hard to rescue survivors
11:35 am
comforted people who lost their loved ones. one of them left a heartbreaking note on the coffin of a little girl apologizing for arriving too late to save her life. and even as that funeral was being held, emergency services continued to search through the wreckage but there's little hope now that anyone will have survived in the rubble. the last survivor was rescued several days ago. and today only more bodies were recovered. now the government has promised to start rebuilding straightaway. it's giving over $50 million in emergency aid, although reconstruction in that area could cost billions over the years. and there are calls for better building safety standards to prevent a similar tragedy in the future. but for now those many, many people who have been left homeless by this earthquake are wondering if they're ever going to return to those hard hit areas, those devastated areas to resume any kind of normal life. uma? >> all right, such a sad
11:36 am
situation. thank you for that update. meanwhile, back in this country, a story that continues in a spotlight as we reported earlier. the state department says it will not release the rest of hillary clinton's daily meeting schedules ahead of election day. now, this news after an earlier associated press report alleged that more than half of the people that mrs. clinton met with as secretary of state were major donors to her family's charitable foundation. donald trump and other republicans calling on mrs. clinton to jump in and end that relay by releasing the documents herself. join uks now with reaction is james woolsey, former director of the cia. welcome, sir. good to have you on the program today. >> good to be back with you. >> let me get your reaction to news about the delay, the fact that the state department says it cannot possibly release this information before election day. >> what really struck me is that even after you exclude the
11:37 am
foreign government representatives and the u.s. government representatives who met with the secretary as they do in the numbers they show, you still, from outsiders, have over half of them with a relationship of having given money to state department, the individuals involved, foundation, whatever. i find that really very striking number. and it would seem to me a fairness would suggest that all of those people who were meeting with the secretary, at least ought to have their identity disclosed unless there's some classified reason to keep it secret. >> the fact that the judges intervened and asked for the release of these documents, certainly puts the campaign on the defensive. it's been a particularly tough week for mrs. clinton with all the news coming at about this and a number of news organizations asking her to come
11:38 am
forward with more information and asking to close the clinton foundation. we also learned about what they call a bleach bit which actually erases e-mails in a way that you can't get to them. chairman -- trey gowdy pointed that out this week in an earlier interview. it's like an electronic shredder. what do you make of that news? >> that's a very tough bit of technology. and effective from what i've heard. and i suppose if you're going to shred something you may as well go ahead and shred it thoroughly. we didn't shred things thoroughly before our embassy was taken over by the iranians in '79 and they put the shreds back together, so to find out what had been in the u.s. communications. so one has to do a job right, i suppose, but it strikes me as a
11:39 am
lot of attention to this situation and when you put it to the with the meeting schedule for the outsiders, they're so thorough and so large, it's not good from the point of view of the way one would run the state department, i think. >> and we'll continue to see more fallout, i am sure, as we expect more e-mails to be rae released in the days ahead. i want to switch over now to the concerns overseas about iran and the way it is trying to provoke the united states with its operations in the waters, in the persian gulf. talk to me for a moment about why do you think this is happening now? what's at play? and what does this represent knowing that iran is doing this despite the fact that it received all that money from the deal, the nuke deal, and it promised better cooperation with
11:40 am
the united states going forward? >> iranian promises on things like that are not about doing deals, they're not about fairness, they're not about balance, they're not about truth. they're about showing dominance. and what iran is interested in is becoming the acknowledged school yard bully. that when the bully walks up and shoves some other student, the other student cringes. that's what iran wants. and it is really a very decision. they've gone from two incidents a month now to about one a week headed toward double that. >> so far in 2016 there have been 250 incidents, compared to last year, at the end of last year, they had over 300. so it looks like they're going to have even more this year, these provocations.
11:41 am
naval provocations. what is the message they're trying to send here, the dominance factor, you say. but it's very dangerous and very risky behavior. >> yes, it is. but the iranians and the revolutionary guard commander who did this in 1983 is there in the persian gulf now. 1983 when they blew up our marine barracks and killed over 300 americans, virtually the entire world expected us to retaliate in some fashion. we did not. when we said to the syrians, there's a red line, the president said. don't cross it. don't use chemical weapons against your own people. the syrians crossed it and the united states did nothing. we are basically convincing iran and much of the rest of the world that we have no backbone. >> ambassador jim woolsey, thank
11:42 am
you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> tough situation indeed. southern florida getting ready for heavy rains as forecasters continue to watch a disturbance that could evolve into a tropical storm. senior meteorologist janice dean has the latest on the conditions in your part of the world. coming up from the fox extreme weather center. and an update on the brutal killings of two nuns inside their mississippi home. a man now in custody for those murders. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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11:47 am
after they failed to show up to work thursday morning. brian is live from our new york studio with the latest on this story. brian? >> uma, these two religious sisters worked for years at the lexington health clinic providing medical care to the poor. when they did not show up to work police went to their home and found them murdered. last night rodney earl sanders was arrested a charged with two counts of capital murder of the 46-year-old is from kosciusko, mispiece. he was a person of interest early on in the investigation and after, quote, exhaustive interview with the suspect on friday i'ving they charged him with both murders. sisters paula merrill and margaret held are believe to have been stabbed to death though police have yet to give an official cause of death. the 68-year-old catholic sisters lived together in a house in durant, mississippi. both served as nurse practitioners. police say they found signs that their home was broken into. they also found their stolen car
11:48 am
abandoned just a mile from their home. investigator s have yet to givea motive behind the murders. sisters merrill and held lived and worked in holmes county, mississippi, population, 18,000. and the seventh poorest county in america, according to the census bureau. they spent their days administering flu shots, insulin, and other medical care to all of those who could not afford it. doctors say both women were vital to the clinic, treating patients with dignity and as children of god. listen to both sisters talk about their work. >> this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. it rivals the bottom place in all statistics. >> we just see patients and do what needs to be done. >> a wake for both women will take place tomorrow. a memorial mass on monday will celebrate the lives of two selfish and remarkable catholic sisters. the religious order for one of
11:49 am
the women is asking for prayers not only for the sisters but the suspect as well. >> very moving. i know that these women were seen as angels in their community. thank you so much, brian. back to politics now for a moment. we are awaiting donald trump's speech in des moines, iowa, set to take place in a short time. he's at the annual roast and ride fund-raiser at the iowa state fair grounds. you can see it live on the fox news channel when it gets under way. plus, a navy veteran who survived a dark day in our nation's history. he receives quite a tribute from officers from another generation. ♪ if you have a typical airline credit card,
11:50 am
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welcome back, everybody.
11:54 am
a powerful storm dumping heavy rain in kansas city causing flash flooding, all of this forcing emergency crews to react to more than ten water rescues in that city. meanwhile, southern florida bracing for heavy rain from a tropical disturbance. senior meteorologist janice dean standing live in the weather center with more. >> hi, uma. this thing is kind of unorganized, which is good news but we have to monitor it after we're getting into peak season in the tropics. this is invest 99 l, investigating this area of low pressure across the bahamas, bringing quite a bit of rain for the bahamas, and cuba, and south florida. we have high pressure on the atlantic and whatever this is, is going to move into the gulf of mexico and we have to be really careful once it gets to the gulf of mexico because the waters are warm. it does have more favorable conditions for strengthening, so quite a mess off the coast of
11:55 am
florida, as well as the gulf coast. we have to watch it very careful three, and u m, a, south florida could get several inches of rainfall along the gulf coast, as well. so we will monitor it and keep you posted. back to you. >> all right, janice. thank you very much. keeping a close eye on that for sure. now to a very special story indeed. a survivor of the pearl harbor attack, getting an unexpected treat saluting his courage in a rendition of anchors away ♪ it's a surprise tribute for ernest thomps an, a world war ii veteran after hoee could no lonr visit the ymuseum because of
11:56 am
health issues. the officers walked upstairs and shook the veteran's hand. he served on the uss tennessee, and the uss missouri. such a wonderful tribute for one of america's youngest generations. and we're awaiting mike pence, and donald trump. we'll be bringing you the remarks at the top of the hour. in the meantime, i hope you make it a great day and a great weekend, everybody. see you next time. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests.
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a fox news alert, we're waiting for donald trump to take the stage in des moines, iowa. welcome to america's headquarters. the presidential nom inee is se to give a speech at the iowa fair grounds, part of the second annual roast and ride, and said it hopes it sticks to the issues involving iowans. peter ducy right now is live in des moines. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, pattyanne. the way this road and ride works, senator jones leads them on a 42 mile track through iowa here to the


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